Playing with Numbers: How GreenLight Serializes Green Machine Cars

with Mac Ragan


“First off, I would like to say hello and you make a fine product…very detailed and fairly priced. My question is directed at your production number [printed] on Green Machines. Can a car marked with a low number like 67 (or even as low as 34) not be a Green Machine?”

Kevin Keeley
Chicopee, Massachusetts


Thanks for your question, Kevin. It’s a good one, and I thought other collectors would like to know the answer.

 Chrysler Chassis_1.JPG
Kevin…The number 0033 is as close as I could find to the number 34 you mentioned.

We number Green Machine models separately from regular cars. For example, if we make 5,000 1964 Chrysler 300s, the Green Machines will be numbered 1 through 100. That’s 2% of the production run.


The regular cars will be numbered 1 through 4900. Therefore, it’s possible to have---for example---a regular 1964 Chrysler with the number 34 on the bottom AND a Green Machine version of the same car with a number 34 on the bottom.

Muscle Car Garage Series 5

I wonder if anyone’s ever found a Green Machine with the same number as the regular version of the same car!


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